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4 Powerful Building Blocks of Sleep (video)

You follow all the tips for good sleep hygiene like avoiding caffeine before bed, keeping your bedroom dark and cool, and even leaving your cell phone in another room, but you still can’t sleep. You’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to help. It can be frustrating to make changes to your routine, yet not see results. You might think to yourself, “these habits were never a problem before, why are they a problem now?” The short answer is that they’re not the problem; at least, they’re not the whole problem.

For many with insomnia, good sleep habits alone simply aren’t enough to alleviate the problem. However, when implemented as part of a multi-component treatment regime, they can help break the cycle of insomnia.

The body regulates sleep using two processes.  One controls our drive to sleep and the other is our body’s internal clock. Based on these two processes that control sleep, there are 4 steps that are crucial building blocks for a healthy sleep routine.

Check out the video below to find out more about your body’s natural wake-sleep rhythm, and the valuable steps that you can take to improve your sleep.

Insomnia is a complex sleep disorder and can be associated with a variety of causes. I always recommend that you work with your physician regarding your sleep problem so that you can get the sleep you need and deserve.

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