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Calming the Racing Mind

I think you will agree, we live in a world that’s always on the go. Whether it’s in the mornings to beat traffic, after work to pick up dinner or at night to cheer on your kids at their sporting events, we’re always racing ahead to the next event.

Then comes sleep.

Unfortunately, for the millions of people suffering from insomnia, their minds don’t just stop racing because they are lying in bed. Frustratingly, this is when every single thought about today and tomorrow flood the mind all at once.

What can help you sleep?

After decades of research, we discovered a root problem experienced by those who suffer from insomnia: The Racing Mind. With this insight and lots of dedication, we’ve finally found a solution. Ebb Insomnia Therapy is the first drug-free solution cleared by the FDA1 to comfortably cool your forehead, calm the racing mind and promote the natural onset of sleep.

Now there is something you can do. With Ebb Insomnia Therapy, patients suffering from insomnia can get better quality sleep, wake up refreshed and be ready to take on tomorrow. Watch the video to see Ebb in action and learn more.


1 The Food and Drug Administration cleared Ebb Insomnia Therapy as a class II medical device indicated to reduce sleep latency to Stage 1 and Stage 2 sleep in patients with primary insomnia. Ebb is a prescription device.

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