Ebb Insomnia Therapy is founded on
decades of brain imaging research

A Drug-free Approach to treating Insomnia

Ebb Insomnia Therapy is based on recent advances in understanding the neurobiology of insomnia. Insomnia research has shown that over-activity in the frontal cortex of the brain keeps people from sleeping. By focusing treatment on this area of the brain, Ebb Insomnia Therapy doesn’t interfere with other neural systems that might cause side effects.

  • Invented by an internationally recognized leader in sleep medicine – Eric Nofzinger, M.D.

  • Based on more than 20 years of brain imaging research and extensive clinical data

  • FDA-cleared for safety and effectiveness, available by prescription

Summary of Clinical Study Findings

We conducted three independent clinical studies on more than 230 patients over 3,800 research nights to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of Ebb Insomnia Therapy. The primary study was a prospective, randomized controlled trial involving two nights of therapy in 106 adults diagnosed with primary insomnia. Ebb Insomnia Therapy produced improvements in latencies to stage 1 and 2 sleep and demonstrated a benign safety profile.

Ebb Insomnia Therapy sleep latency chart

ebb clinical study


Peer-reviewed research evaluating the effect of Ebb Insomnia Therapy was published in SLEEP.

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Will patients experience results the first time they use Ebb Insomnia Therapy?

In clinical trials, most patients experienced benefits within the first 2 nights of using Ebb Insomnia Therapy.  After using Ebb for 30 days, people with insomnia reported improved sleep quality as well as better mood and alertness the next morning.

Should patients use Ebb Insomnia Therapy every night?

Ebb is non-habit forming and safe to use every night. Wearing Ebb each night along with healthy sleep habits, will help the body adjust to a new healthy sleep/wake rhythm.  As with any therapy, frequency of use should be individualized according to their response.

What temperature setting should patients start with?

For initial use, we suggest starting with a temperature setting of P7 and then adjusting for comfort.  It could take up 10 minutes for the headband to reach the chosen temperature setting.  All of the temperature settings are within the therapeutic range of 57-61°F (14-16°C) which demonstrated efficacy in the clinical trials.

Does this device require a prescription?

Yes, a licensed physician or nurse practitioner must write a prescription for the Ebb therapy device.  A prescription is not required for the replacement items (headband & fluid cartridge).

Are there any contraindications?

Use of Ebb Insomnia Therapy presented few adverse events in clinical trials; there are no formal contraindications for use. Patients with cold sensitivity reactions such as Raynaud’s Disease should not use cooling therapies. Please refer to the Instructions for Use for more information.


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