Helping veterans get the sleep they deserve

Learn how to get Ebb at the VA

Ebb Therapeutics is committed to helping you each step of the process at the
VA to discover if Ebb Insomnia Therapy is right for you. We guarantee that you will have the opportunity to try Ebb. Schedule a time to talk with us to understand the Ebb Veteran Promise. Hurry, available to the first 100 veterans who schedule a call.

Doctor Discussion Guide

Doctor Discussion Guide

To help start the conversation with your doctor about your sleeplessness and learn the steps to get Ebb Insomnia Therapy at the VA.

Personal Ebb VA Liaison

Personal Ebb VA Advisor

To help you navigate the VA system, we are partnering with AmVets to offer additional support to assist veterans in getting the insomnia treatment that they need.

Ebb Master Certified Coaches

Ebb Master Certified Coaches

To help you get the most out of your therapy, a personalized coaching program with an Ebb Sleep Coach is included.

Schedule a free phone consultation with our Ebb VA advisor.

Why choose Ebb Insomnia Therapy?

Because Ebb Insomnia Therapy works naturally with your body to help quiet your racing mind, you can wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Choosing Ebb Insomnia Therapy can help you fall asleep faster and also enter a deeper, more restorative sleep.



No morning grogginess, non-habit forming, safe to use every night

Clinically Validated

Backed by 20 years of brain imaging research and several clinical trials

deep sleep in bed

Deep Sleep

Paired with good sleep hygiene, works with your body to promote the onset of sleep

How does it work?

Cools and naturally calms your racing thoughts.

The Ebb Insomnia Therapy headband comfortably and precisely cools your forehead. Science has proven this cooling quiets the racing mind which is a common cause of insomnia. It is safe to use every night, is non-habit forming and helps you wake up each morning refreshed and energized.

Watch a video on how Ebb Insomnia Therapy calms racing thoughts that prevent you from getting deep, restorative sleep.

What users are saying

"Ebb Insomnia Therapy has drastically improved my quality of sleep in just two months. Prior to using it, I would consistently wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep and stay awake for up to two hours. Now I stay asleep or fall back to sleep within minutes. Thank you for developing an effective drug-free device for insomnia!!"

- Claire B, Erie, PA

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