Your VA healthcare provider is the best source of information about your sleeplessness and the treatment approach that’s right for you. With any sleep issue, it’s important that your VA healthcare provider understands your symptoms, possible risk factors, and medical history. The more information you can provide your doctor, the better prepared he or she will be to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

Step 1.

Make an appointment with your VA primary care provider and bring the Ebb Doctor Discussion Guide to review with your provider.

If your VA primary care provider feels that Ebb Insomnia Therapy is a viable option, they can place an order through Prosthetics. The device will be shipped to your home.

How your VA doctor will enter the order into the VA ordering system:

  • Enter in the CPRS system as a prosthetics order using Ebb Insomnia Therapy Kit – Item # 900-00008
  • Complete justification for ordering notes.

– Example: FDA class II medical device, cleared for safety and effectiveness, available by prescription as a non pharmaceutica option for treating insomnia.

Step 2.

Register for Ebb Basic Sleep Training.

Once you receive the device, call Ebb Therapeutics at 800-381-1145 or email us at to sign up for Basic Sleep Training. Basic Sleep Training led by a certified coach provides strategies to tailor use of your device and help you make sustainable changes that can empower you to reach your sleep goals.

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