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What if the forehead pad is too cold for me?
After turning on Ebb, it will take up to 10 minutes for the forehead pad to reach the set temperature. During this time, the cooling sensation may become more intense, but then the sensation should feel more comfortable as your body gets used to the temperature. You can also adjust the temperature closer to the warmest setting P10. It will take a few minutes for Ebb to adjust to the new temperature setting.

If the cooling still feels too intense after 20-30 minutes, you may want to take it off and try again the next night. It may take several nights for you to get used to the cooling therapy.

What if the sound of the Ebb device bothers me or my bed partner?
You may get used to the sound coming from the Ebb device over time. If you or your bed partner prefer a quieter environment or a different sound, you may want to consider using ear plugs or using a device in your bedroom that plays sounds which are more pleasing to you.
What if my headband slips off my head in the middle of the night?
Make sure the headband is positioned just above your eyebrows and above your ears going around to the back of your head. This will help keep the cooling pad securely in place and will be more comfortable. If you have long hair, you may want to pull it up, allowing the headband to sit underneath your hair.

You can also improve the stability of the headband by using the provided tubing clip to secure the tubing to your pillow case or sheets. If you clip the tubing to your pillow or sheets, try to maintain adequate slack in the tubing so you can move freely, especially if you tend to change sleeping positions throughout the night.

My device stopped working and an error code displayed on the screen.
Please consult the troubleshooting section in your owner’s manual, or call the Ebb Customer Success Team at 800-381-1145.
When I wake up, it doesn’t feel like the forehead pad is still cold.
You may feel less of the cooling sensation on your forehead over time as your skin has fully adjusted to the constant cooling. Do not be concerned as your Ebb Insomnia Therapy continues to work and will maintain your set temperature throughout the night.
What if my forehead is red in the morning?
You may notice some redness on your forehead in the morning from wearing the headband. This is normal and should go away in 10 or 20 minutes.
When I wake up in the morning there is moisture on my forehead.
If there is moisture on your forehead it will likely be due to condensation caused by the reaction of the cool headband, your forehead, and the temperature in the room. This is normal.
Can I control the temperature?
Yes, for your comfort you can make small temperature adjustments within the therapeutic temperature range by turning the dial on the bedside controller. Setting P1 is the coldest, and setting P10 is the warmest. It could take up to 10 minutes for the headband to reach the chosen temperature setting.
What temperature setting should I start with?
For initial use, we suggest starting with a temperature setting of P7 and then adjusting for your comfort. It could take up to 10 minutes for the headband to reach the chosen temperature setting. You may adjust the temperature setting at any time.
What is the best temperature setting? Is colder better?
All settings on the temperature dial are considered therapeutic, so choose a temperature that is comfortable for you. Setting P1 is the coldest, and setting P10 is the warmest.
When should I use Ebb?
You may wear Ebb every night, all night. Wearing Ebb each night, along with healthy sleep habits, should help your body adjust to a new healthy sleep/wake rhythm. The Ebb bedside controller will maintain the set temperature all night until you shut the device off in the morning.
Can I put the device on the floor?
The bedside controller should be placed on your nightstand and not be placed on the floor. This will help to ensure the device functions properly.

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