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If you are thinking about traveling, you will want to plan ahead and pack properly to make the screening process and your travel experience easier.  The sleek carrying case is designed to make it simple to travel with your Ebb Insomnia Therapy system.

Can I take Ebb Insomnia Therapy on a plane?

According to the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA), medically necessary sleep devices are allowed in a carry-on bag, and no documentation is required. If placed in a carry-on bag, the device must be removed, placed in a bin separately, and undergo X-ray screening.
The TSA does allow passengers to pack sleep devices and related liquids in their checked baggage.
TSA policies and procedures are subject to change, so please refer to the TSA website for the most recent policies.

Will there be any problem taking the fluid cartridge through TSA screening?

The TSA states that you may bring medically necessary liquids, medications and creams in excess of 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters in your carry-on bag. Refer to the TSA website for more details.



Should I remove the fluid cartridge from the device when I place in the travel bag?

Yes, remove the fluid cartridge from the device and place in the center compartment of the bag.


Does my Ebb bag containing my device count as a carry-on?

Under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and the Department of Transportation’s implementing rules, a sleep device is not considered carry-on luggage and does not count toward your carry-on quota. You are allowed a carry-on bag, a personal bag such as a purse or briefcase, and your sleep device in its traveling case.

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